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Paradigm Imaging Group Signs Exclusive Distribution Agreement with SCP

Costa Mesa, CA---October 23, 2002—Paradigm Imaging Group, a leading provider of large format scanning and document imaging solutions, is pleased to announce their appointment as exclusive U.S. and Canadian distributor of the Daylight RIP a powerful RIP for large format printing applications. The Daylight RIP is offered by SCP Software GmbH based in Aachen, Germany, who specialize in developing and marketing scanning, copying, and RIP software for small and large-format color and black and white applications. Combining smart technological concepts with a successful marketing strategy, SCP has gained recognition as a major innovator of digital reprographics, resulting in a global market-leading position in scan-to-print and RIP technology.

DaylightRIP is a highly versatile product that supports all industry standard raster file formats, HPGL (2), Postscript and PDF formats and has developed dedicated drivers for over 60 types of large-format printers, positioned for both technical and graphic applications.

  • Premium color quality

  • Filter editor with before/after comparison check, color editing in L*a*b, RGB, CMYK or HKS color spaces. 

  • ICC calibration with photo-spectrometer, in addition to closed-loop calibration.

  • Comes with a broad range of input and output profiles.

  • Multiple RIP server queues.

  • Client module for remote control from any Windows workstation.

  • Enhanced user management with password protection.

  • Dongle-free full demo version for convenient download.

Paradigm Imaging Group is confident that the DaylightRIP will meet the demands of professionals throughout the quickly growing large format market, and underline Paradigm’s position as a proven leader in the document imaging and large format scanning arena. Company President Randy Geesman feels that “The DaylightRIP offers solutions for all wallets with an attractive growth path. The easy to use interface is something that’s been lacking in the markets current offerings.”

About Paradigm Imaging Group

Paradigm Imaging Group is a large format solutions provider, whose expertise extends from scanning and printing products to imaging systems integration, software development and product distribution. Paradigm counts among its clients, companies in reprographics, architecture, engineering, construction and manufacturing, as well as numerous public agencies at all levels of government. Since 1989, Paradigm has grown to become a leading provider of large format scanning and document imaging solutions. As both a service bureau and as a custom solutions provider, Paradigm Imaging Group is uniquely positioned to share with it’s clients the experience gained from using imaging products on a day-to-day basis and the knowledge gained through developing document imaging products.

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