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Paradigm Imaging Group Renews Warranty Service Agreement with Access Services for Free 2-Year Warranty

Costa Mesa, CA---December 16, 2004—Paradigm Imaging Group, a leading provider of large format scanning and printing solutions, announces the renewal of an agreement with Scan-Optics Access Services to supply warranty servicing.

Paradigm Imaging was the first large format scanner provider to include a full two year onsite warranty on a selection of large format scanner models. “The addition of a two year onsite warranty adds tremendous value for our customers. Previously, no other large format scanners included this much warranty coverage. Typically, large format scanners have included anywhere from a 90-day up to a 12 month onsite warranty.” said Randy Geesman, President of Paradigm Imaging.

Paradigm launched the two-year onsite warranty program with Colortrac scanners in July 2003 and in October 2003 added Graphtec scanners to the program. The latest addition of six new Graphtec scanners available December 2004 will be added to the two-year onsite warranty program. The warranty covers scanners purchased anywhere in the United States or Canada, including Alaska and Hawaii.

Servicing is provided by Access Services, the field service division of Scan-Optics, Inc. Access is recognized as the leader in third party service for complex electro-mechanical products such as document page scanners, wide-format scanners, image capture systems, wide-format inkjet printers and plotters, and mail processing equipment. For more than thirty-five years, Access Services has been servicing the world’s most advanced optical character recognition systems and high volume document imaging systems used in critical applications by some of the most demanding organizations in the world.