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Graphtec Adds Two New Wide-format Color Scanners to its Popular CS-Series Large Format Scanner Line-up

Costa Mesa, CA---June 9, 2004 – Two new entries into the large-format scanner field by Western Graphtec have been announced by Paradigm Imaging Group, the U.S. and Canadian distributor of Graphtec scanners. The new models are the latest entry to the large-format arena for Graphtec, a longtime leader in the manufacturing of precision imaging products for the signage, graphics and computer-aided design industry.

The CS400 and CS300 are 40” wide-format scanners that use Contact Array Image Sensor technology for accurate, high-resolution scans, handling standard document sizes including ISO A4 through ANSI E. Contact Array Image Sensor technology requires no warm-up time and eliminates optical distortion often experienced with common CCD technology, resulting in flawless reproductions of graphics, photographs, detailed road maps, blueprints, sepias, architectural sketches and engineering drawings. With 600 dpi optical resolution, both models are accurate to 0.1% and are capable of handling long-length documents with ease. Engineered to enhance durability and portability with a compact, lightweight design, the new CS-series eliminates frequent re-calibration and many repetitive, maintenance-related expenses.

The CS400 24-bit color model enables sharp, accurate scanning of color photographs, graphics, and detailed architectural drawings and is compatible with sRGB color space for unsurpassed color reproduction. Sliding document guides ensure instantaneous alignment, and an automatic de-skew function further streamlines data management. For GIS, mapping and document archiving applications, the CS300 8-bit color model is a practical choice.

Both the CS400 and CS300 scan black & white and grayscale documents at a rate of 9 inches per second, and color documents at 3 inches per second when the resolution is set to 400 dpi. These remarkable scanning speeds deliver unparalleled productivity in massive document archiving applications.

In addition to 600 dpi optical resolutions, interpolated resolutions can be selected from 50 through 800 dpi in increments of 1 dpi, to suit the complexity of the drawing and a variety of scanning needs. The unique, precision document handling system makes both scanners ‘well-log’ compliant and ideal for digitizing extra-long documents in addition to delicate, valuable originals.

Graphtec’s high-performance driver software is provided as a standard accessory. Scanning Master 21+ is easy to use, with interactive menu setups and editing functions that can be saved for later use with similar documents. A multitude of advanced features incorporated in Scanning Master 21+ allow users to combine a CS series scanner with a large-format printer to create a multi-functional printing/copying system. Software features include Scan-to-Print, Scan-to-File, Scan-to-Email, and Scan-to-Copy functions. The CS400 and CS300 also support a wide variety of file formats including Bitmap, CAD ESP, TIFF, PCX, JPEG, and PDF, to maintain compatibility with a variety of applications and subsequent data manipulating processes.

Other noteworthy features include USB 2.0 and IEEE 1394 (Fire Wire) connectivity, automatic switching to the energy-saving mode when the scanner is left idle for a pre-determined period, and a compact, streamlined design to match any office space and décor.