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Paradigm Imaging Group Announces Six New Large Format Scanners from Western Graphtec, Inc.

Costa Mesa, CA - November 24, 2004 – Six new entries into the large-format scanner field by Western Graphtec have been announced by Paradigm Imaging Group, the U.S. and Canadian distributor of Graphtec scanners. The new CS600, CS500, and IS200 series scanners will meet the requirements of users in the Graphic Arts, Fine Art, Photography, Pre-press, Reprographics, Sign, Point of Purchase, GIS, Mapping, CAD, AEC and document archiving market segments.

With two models offered in each series, the CS600 and CS500 Series are 24-bit, full-color scanners perfect for processing photographs, complex maps, and AEC/ CAD drawings, while the IS200 offers an 8-bit monochrome alternative for those who do not currently need the color functions. Each series offers a standard or advanced Pro model, which allows users the option to initially purchase a standard version and cost-effectively upgrade to the advanced system in future.

The Pro models include a ‘high-quality’ scanning mode with interpolated resolution up to 4800dpi, as opposed to 800dpi for the standard models. The Pro models also incorporate a ‘high-speed’ scanning mode for quality image output with up to 40% faster throughput than standard models at comparable resolution settings.

The CS600/CS500 color scanners and the IS200 monochrome scanners all feature maximum scanning speeds of 9 ips (monochrome) and 3 ips (8-bit, 24-bit color) when scanning at 400dpi, making them the fastest throughput large-format scanners currently offered in the market. In addition, CS600/CS500 Series scanners are compatible with the new industry standard sRGB color space, pushing their high-performance to maximum potential for premium color image processing.

The CS600, CS500, and IS200 all feature 600dpi optical resolution and employ Contact Image Sensor (CIS) technology as opposed to common CCD scanning. Western Graphtec, Inc. was the first company to introduce this pioneering technology. CIS technology eliminates the time-consuming process of continually re-aligning and re-calibrating the scanning device and requires no warm-up time, making these scanners ready to operate within seconds after turning the powering on.

All CS series scanners incorporate a sophisticated document handling system for effectively archiving old drawings, maps and various delicate graphic images electronically to prevent further deterioration and free up valuable storage space. The high precision document feeding architecture also makes the CS scanners well-log compliant, where continuous, long-length scanning is one of the mandatory requirements.

The CS600 is a 42” wide, 24-bit full color scanner with the ability to scan thick, rigid originals up to 0.8” thick to meet requirements in the “print for pay” and other graphic oriented industries. The CS600 will efficiently scan a variety of colorful artwork such as a poster mounted on styrene board or other thick substrates. The CS600 is the only scanner of its kind that features a complete “hands-free” automatic thickness control function, which automatically recognizes the thickness of the material being scanned without any user intervention. The CS600 will compensate and adjust itself for the most optimal positioning and traction when scanning originals of various thicknesses. This feature ensures worry-free operation and the best possible scan for sharp, colorful, error-free archival and reproductions of images with various thicknesses.

The CS500 is a 42” wide, 24-bit full color scanner that processes flexible material up to a maximum of 0.06” thick. The CS500 is also available in the standard configuration, which is post-purchase upgradeable to advanced Pro model.

The IS200 is 42” wide, monochrome scanners with 8-bit graytone capture capability, ideal for applications that do not require color capturing. The IS200 provides a cost-effective solution for scanning monochrome, grayscale and black & white drawings and documents in CAD, AEC and other engineering and document management applications. With its high-speed (9 ips maximum at 400 dpi resolution setting) and accurate scanning capabilities, the IS200 is also ideal for computerized, massive document archiving and filing systems. This scanner is capable of scanning large-format monochrome drawings, blueprints, sepias and old/delicate originals with aging degradation by applying various filtering effects provided in its standard Scanning Master 21+ software.