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Release of Western Graphtec ís CS2000 Large-format Scanner Announced By Paradigm Imaging Group

The CS2000 is a high performance E-size (A0-size) color image scanner that is designed to scan a wide variety of color documents such as photographs, graphics, engineering drawings and complex, large-format maps. The scanner, which incorporates contact array image sensor technology, is suitable to scan, edit, and print out documents for GIS, architectural, engineering and point of purchase applications or to archive drawings or graphics for easy reference.

In addition to the 24-bit color mode, there are five other scanning modes to chose from, including modes with the color depth reduction function, for reducing 24-bit color data to more manageable 8-bit color data. There is also an Express mode for high-speed transfer of 24-bit full color data without any color deterioration. 256-level grayscsale input is also supported.

About Paradigm Imaging Group

Paradigm Imaging Group is a large format solutions provider whose expertise extends from scanning and printing products to imaging systems integration, software development and product distribution. Paradigm counts among its clients, companies in reprographics, architecture, engineering, construction and manufacturing, as well as numerous public agencies at all levels of government. Since 1989, Paradigm has grown to become a leading provider of large format scanning and document management solutions. As both a service bureau and as a custom solutions provider, Paradigm Imaging Group is uniquely positioned to share with itís clients the experience gained from using imaging products on a day-to-day basis and the knowledge gained through developing document imaging products.