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Paradigm Imaging Group Adds New Smart Banner Stand to Product Line

Costa Mesa, CA---November 4, 2004—Paradigm Imaging Group, a leading provider of large format scanning and printing solutions, introduces the new Notus Smart Banner Stand, the latest innovation in portable banner stand display technology.

The Notus Banner stand is adjustable in both width and height and accommodates banners from 24” to 39” wide and 59” to 78” high. The Notus stand is simple to assemble and can be setup in less than five minutes. Users have the option of displaying traditional rectangular banners as well as trapezoidal (four-sided polygon with two non-adjacent parallel sides) to create unique and eye catching displays.

Notus Smart Banner Stand Features:

  • Top Adjusting Rods pivot to accommodate banners from 24” to 39” wide.

  • Vertical support pole adjusts from 59” to 78” high.

  • Adjustable Lower Bar attaches to banner with grommets. Lower bar is adjustable from 24” to 39” wide.

  • Durable ABS plastic base can be filled with water or sand to provide stability for outdoor use.

  • Lower Bar Connects to base so banners can withstand windy conditions outdoors.

  • Lightweight

The stands may be purchased on the Paradigm Web Store by going to and clicking on “Banner Stands”.