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Paradigm Imaging Group Introduces Scanning Arts™ Multi-function Scanning & Copy Control Software

Costa Mesa, CA – Paradigm Imaging Group, a leading supplier of large format scanning, printing and document archiving solutions, introduces Scanning Arts™ software. This innovative, multi-function scanner control software for the Graphtec line of large format scanners is available for shipment July 2005.

Scanning Arts™, originally developed as the software engine for the EIS series, a turn-key, large format multi-function system introduced by Paradigm Imaging in May 2005, is now available as a standalone software product to serve a broad range of applications including Facilities Management, CAD, GIS, Archiving, Reprographics and digital printing. The Scanning Arts™ software is fully compatible with stand-alone Graphtec large format color scanners, including the CS400, CS500 and CS600 series.

By integrating with the Graphtec JW1000 printer series or other popular large format ink jet printers, Scanning Arts™ provides a complete large format multi-function solution for scanning, copying, printing and emailing of large format documents and graphic images.

With its full-featured and easy-to-use graphical interface, Scanning Arts™ incorporates the feel and touch of conventional office equipment. A variety of large format applications such as document archiving, copying, reproduction and file communication are managed seamlessly without extensive operator training. Scanning Arts™ provides optimized default settings for a variety of original document types including maps, drawings, blueprints, photos and posters, thereby providing touch-button operation for many projects involving large format scanning and copying.

User-defined settings are also provided for advanced users, allowing them to tailor the process to their specific needs. Scanning Arts™ also incorporates accounting and job tracking functions with a password protected log-in dialog for secured job control and management of cost allocation per project. Scanning Arts™ user-friendly and comprehensive feature set provides the perfect solution for the multi-operator and multi-task work environments where simplicity, enhanced security management and cost control are required.

The opening screen of Scanning Arts software allows the user to select the mode of operation, COPY, PRINT, SCAN and EMAIL, which leads to its primary control screen. On the primary control screen, Scanning Arts provides a comprehensive user interface with a set of large control buttons for commonly used functions for each operating mode including:

  • Color/B&W to choose the color mode for proceeding operation

  • Document Type to choose the type of original document (and graphics) from 13 Standard types with optimized settings or User Defined setups

  • Document Size to select the size of original document from a set of standard document formats and orientation or user-defined sizes

  • Print Size to select the size of print output from a set of standard document formats and orientation or user-defined sizes

  • Scaling allowing the operator to exercise automatic scaling to fit the specified Print Size

  • Brightness control for setting the brightness of Print or Copy output

  • Number of Copies

  • Preview with zoom-in feature  

The User Defined document setup window allows advanced users to access a series of fine adjustment tools including Color Adjustment (Hue/Saturation/Lightness or Gamma/Brightness/Contrast), Black/White Point Adjustment (RGB control), Edge Sharpening, Automatic Despeckling, Automatic Deskew, Moiré Pattern Removal and Crease Reduction. In addition, this window provides adjustment preview windows with zoom-in feature for verifying the effect of applied adjustments.

Users can program, with unique identification titles, up to 14 job-specific user settings that best suit the type of original documents and results for touch-button recall.

For those projects involving an email transmission of large images or documents, the G-Flash file management utility (included with the Scanning Arts™) provides practical assistance. The G-Flash utility automatically divides a large document file into a number of segments for more manageable transmission over the Internet. At the recipient site of transmission, the G-Flash Receiver utility automatically re-assembles these segmented files to restore the original document.

Scanning Arts™ is compatible with Windows® XP Professional operating system and performs best with a Pentium® 4 based system with a minimum of 1 GB available RAM. The high-performance, Windows® XP Pro based Rocket™ controller housing a 2.8 GHz Pentium® 4 processor with 1GB DDR and 80 GB hard drive, and an integrated touch screen monitor are optionally available for further augmenting the performance of the easy-to-use Scanning Arts™ system. 

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