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Graphtec CSX510-09 CIS Large Format Scanner

Paradigm Imaging Releases Graphtec CSX510-09 CIS Large Format Scanner

Costa Mesa, CA – May 4, 2012 – Paradigm Imaging Group, a leading distributor of large-format scanning and printing solutions, tradeshow displays and graphics, releases the Graphtec CSX510-09 Large Format Scanner.

The CSX510-09 features Graphtec’s new Luxios™ scanning engine. 48-bit sensor output combined with Graphtec’s proprietary color matching technology allow for highly accurate and uniform color reproduction. The 36-inch CSX510-09 supports sRGB and Adobe® RGB color space, and image quality is enhanced via Graphtec’s newly designed digital processing system. The Graphtec Luxios™ CSX510-09 scanner includes two powerful software packages - Scanning Master Pro Color for image editing and file management and Scanning ARTS2, a user-friendly scan-to-copy tool.


* 600 dpi true optical resolution, 4800 dpi interpolated
* 36-inch scanning width
* 3.5 ips-monochrome, 1.2 ips color scanning speeds
* sRGB and Adobe® color space
* CIS scanning technology
* Convenient face-up scanning
* Includes stand and catch basket
* One year on-site warranty

In addition to being sold as a standalone scanner, the CSX510-09 is included with Paradigm’s exclusive Supra and Flex EIS multifunction systems. The addition of the CSX510 enhances these popular all-in-one large format devices with a more powerful scanning engine with greater accuracy and a wider gamut of color reproduction.

“Graphtec continues to provide products that meet the exacting standards of performance and quality in the large format scanner arena. Paradigm Imaging Group proudly adds the new Luxios™ CSX510-09 to our product offering, enhancing our ability to offer the highest quality products delivered with unparalleled customer service and technical support,” stated Randy Geesman, President of Paradigm Imaging Group.

About Paradigm Imaging Group

Paradigm Imaging Group is a large format solutions provider whose expertise extends from scanning and printing products to imaging systems integration, software development and product distribution. Paradigm counts among its clients companies in reprographics, architecture, engineering, construction and manufacturing, as well as numerous public agencies at all levels of government. Since 1989, Paradigm has grown to become a leading provider of large format scanning and printing solutions.

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