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Paradigm Imaging Group Introduces imagePRO Large Format CCD Scanner Line

Paradigm Imaging Group, a leading supplier of large-format scanning, printing and document archiving solutions announces an addition to their scanner product line. The new imagePRO line of scanners leads with the imagePRO 42 scanner series.

This new imagePro Gx scanners with imageFLOW scan, print and copy software use the most up to date CCD technology with 1200dpi optical resolution. The scanner promises quick, superior quality scans, flawless reproductions of posters, graphic designs, artwork, satellite images, or large format photos. The scanner is ideal for scanning documents that contain detailed images that call for a wide color gamut with high dynamic range. The scanners are also designed to provide detailed scans of engineering drawings, detailed maps, blueprints, site plans, architectural drawings and many other technical documents in either color or monochrome. The scanner will scan from original media anywhere from 6 inches to 48 inches wide with any length. The imagePRO GxT model will scan thick media up to 0.8” thick.

Three versions of the imagePRO 42 scanners are available, monochrome, color and enhanced color. The ability to make an onsite upgrade to these models assures that the buyer can choose the appropriate model for their current needs but still have the option of making an easy upgrade themselves at a later time via e-mail.

Paradigm Imaging Group’s Randy Geesman said, “This new imagePRO scanner series will feature a very innovative optic design utilizing a pioneering miniaturized digital camera modules with 1200 dpi CCD imaging technology, will initially be available in a 42” model, followed by a 25” and a 54” model within about six months.” Geesman said, “In addition to the advanced digital camera technology, the scanners will come with imageFLOW scan, print and copy software.”

imageFlow features include touch screen compatibility, with an easy to use interface for scanning, printing and copying. Printing and copying functions support over 550 printers and 325 ICC output profiles. The software also has the ability to edit ICC profiles and print postscript files.

About Paradigm Imaging Group

Paradigm Imaging Group, a distributor of large format scanning and printing solutions with headquarters located in Costa Mesa, California has been in business for over 16 years serving the needs of clients in reprographics, architecture, engineering, construction and manufacturing, as well as all levels of government enterprise.