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Large Format Scanner - Contact Image Sensor technology

The Contact Image Sensor technology used on the Graphtec large format scanners utilize an array of LEDs as the light source, positioned in a staggered pattern across the width of the scanning bed. This approach not only eliminates lens distortion inherent in scanners utilizing CCD technology but also eliminates stitching errors. In addition Contact Image Sensor technology results in much sharper edges, clearer lines and reduced corona effect.

All Graphtec Large Format Scanners Have:
  • Low warm up time - typically 15 seconds
  • Scratch resistant glass
  • Monochrome scanning speed 9 ips
  • Full-color scanning speed 3 ips
  • Compact design - Light weight
  • No lens distortion–High scan precision
  • High MTF (Mean Transfer Function)–Sharp lines–Fine characters
  • 600dpi High optical resolution
  • One-touch scan operation
  • Auto de-skewing, Auto media size detection
  • Extremely reliable
CCD Technology Contact Image Sensor Technology

CCD Technology Contact Image Sensor Technology

Contact Image Sensor
CCD Technology

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