Table of Contents

  1. Unpacking
    1. Unpacking the scanner box
    2. Unpacking the scanner stand box
  2. Assemble the scanner
    1. Assemble the stand
    2. Assemble the center bar
    3. Placing and securing the scanner on top
    4. Attached the document basket
    5. Attaching the document support
    6. Removing scanner cushion material before use
  3. Connect the Scanner to the Power & PC using USB2 cable
    1. Connecting the USB2 Cable to the Computer
    2. Connecting the IEEE 1394  Cable to the Computer
    3. Connecting the power cable and turn the scanner on
  4. Install Scanner drivers
    1. Installing Scanner drivers
    2. Checking Scanner is recognized by Windows
  5. Initialize the Scanner
    1. Power on and off the Scanner
  6. Install ScanMaster21+
    1. Installing ScanMaster21+ scanner software
    2. Setting Up the Scanner in ScanMaster21+
  7. Scanner Calibrations
    1. Scanner Adjustment
    2. Color corrections & loading of calibrations sheet
    3. Other Calibrations Setup
  8. Loading documents
    1. Document loading
    2. Reloading a document
  9. Scanning documents
    1. Insert document into the scanner
    2. Scanning using Scanmaster21+ scanning software
    3. Removing a scanned document
  10. Changing Scanner Settings
  11. Maintenance of your scanner
    1. Opening and Closing the top cover
    2. Cleaning the Document Hold-Down unit
    3. Cleaning the image sensors
    4. Cleaning the paper sensors
  12. In case of Trouble Who do you Call?