Paradigm Imaging Group

ARCBASE is a Full-Featured Web Enabled Archiving Solution.  It allows users to connect via a web browser to access and manage documents offering flexible import, automatic index, quick search, fast view and convenient output features.  Combine ARCBASE with CADSTATION for a complete management solution.



ARCBASE is fully web enabled. This means not only the users connect via a web browser but also the administrator can setup and control the system via a standard web browser from any place.



Data can be imported into the ARCBASE archive in a variety of ways. An automatic document spooler as well as a script import to pick up documents is included in this product. Furthermore documents can be put into the archive by web upload and by e-mail. To archive documents out of any Windows application an archive printer driver is included making archiving as simple as printing a document.


Automatic Index

With its included text recognition (OCR) ARCBASE automatically picks up all text information from a document and uses the recognized text as index information. This functionality allows easy archiving without the need of manually typing in extra key words.


Quick Search

Due to its new intuitive user interface, users can search for and retrieve documents easily. The included full-text search engine makes sure documents with text content will be found almost in real-time. The design concept together with the intelligent search algorithms guaranty quickest response times. This approach makes ARCBASE one of the fastest archives in the market.


Fast View

Due to the new viewing concept with a thumbnail preview as well as a fast view on the full image at a lower resolution, a quicker response is guaranteed even for large size documents and at low bandwidth connections.


Convenient output

The straight forward output using a cart for document collection makes the handling of the ARCBASE system extremely user friendly and flexible.