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Paradigm Imaging Group’s flagship product VisualBASE EDM TM. is a Windows based engineering document management solution that provides an easy to use, secure environment to store, locate, and manage the vital corporate knowledge contained in engineering documents. Through integrated state-of-the-art components, VisualBASE EDM TM delivers powerful services for viewing, redlining, printing, editing, and converting a wide range of industry standard formats.

VisualBASE EDM TM also contains specialized industrial-strength tools for intelligent raster editing, interactive, and automatic raster-to-vector conversion. VisualBASE EDM TM. is a fully integrated system that provides a wide range of features and functionality to meet your Engineering Document Management & Conversion needs.,View, Print & Redline A Wide Range of Document Formats!,Clean, Edit & Interactively Convert Scanned Drawings!,Convert Your Paper Drawings to CAD Automatically!

Key Features:

Easy to Use – allows engineering drawings and documents to be stored in "virtual file cabinets" so they can be organized in familiar drawer, folder, document hierarchies.

Powerful, Intuitive Document Search Capabilities – quickly find the document you need, no matter how little information you know about it.

Instant Viewing of Any Sized Engineering Drawing from Your Desktop – Pan, zoom, mark-up and print any sized engineering drawing in any of over 50 file formats.

Convenient "Drag and Drop" Database Creation – Creating document databases is as easy and dragging and dropping files from Explorer into your database.

Rich Report Generation Capabilities – Easily create custom reports on any or all documents and drawings in your database that can be printed, e-mailed or stored as files.

Open architecture - VisualBASE EDM uses the powerful 32-bit Microsoft Jet Database Engine. With Microsoft’s’ Access, the database utility functions of VisualBASE’ can be extended for greater flexibility.

Global Searching - allows you to search for documents in the database on Wide Area Networks as easily as on Local Area Networks.

Network performance - VisualBASE EDMs’ relational database architecture provides outstanding performance across databases on LANs’, WANs’ and Intranets.

Application integration - VisualBASE EDM provides seamless integration with all the major desktop applications.

Security - User rights may he controlled with the administration tool to restrict access to database features or application modules.

Integrated Raster Viewing – View monochrome and color raster images with the Wang Imaging viewer provided free with Windows 95 and NT.

Scan documents & drawings - directly to a database using these popular scanners:








Intel processor or compatible system

Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 & XP Workstation

16MB RAM, 32MB recommended


Intel , Alpha, and others

Novell NetWare 3.x/4.x, Banyan VINES , Microsoft Windows NT, UNIX, and others

Memory and disk space varies depending upon above server combinations used.


VB-View™ 97:

VB-View is the graphical link to the documents stored in VisualBASE. VB-View supports a wide variety of formats, ranging from AutoCAD DWG, Microstation DGN, CALS compatible scanned drawings to popular raster image formats like TIFF, GIF, TGA and industry standard office formats like Microsoft Word and Excel, WordPerfect, and Lotus. Also viewable are transfer formats like DXF, plot files like HPGL HPGL2, Calcomp, Postscript, and many other emerging standards.

VB-View offers fast and easy zoom and pan features using a bird's eye, and allows you to manipulate and compare files with File Overlay and File Compare functions. An easy-to-use network tool governs access control through user profiles, building levels of security for your network. In addition to all of these features, VB-View allows you to create multi-layer redlining and commenting without altering the original files. This means that different users working on the same drawings can communicate change requests, revision notes, and reference comments, all with a comprehensive toolbox. With document hyperlinking, a completely separate document can be embedded to become a permanently linked record -- keep track of and jump to drawing revisions or component drawings easily!

VB-View Specifications:

Raster Input Formats - RLC, PCX-mono, CCITT Group 3 & 4, TIF-mono, CALS, Intergraph CIT

Vector Input Formats - AutoCAD: DWG (R9-R13), DXF, DXB, RND, SLD, HPGL, HPGL2, CGM, DGN (2D & 3D), CADdy, CV Personal Designer, Calcomp 907/907, Gerber, WMF, VC4

Color Image Formats - TIF, PCX, GIF, TGA, BMP, RLE, DIB, LBM, IFF, JPEG, SUN Raster, WPG

Word Processor Formats - Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, Word Pro, ASCII TXT

Spreadsheet Formats - Microsoft Excel, Lotus 1-2-3

View Functions - Zoom and pan with or without bird's eye view. Turn vector layers on/off. Search in text documents. Overlay file(s). Compare file(s) with automatic detection of differences. QuickViews. File object measurements.

Print Functions - Print full area, selected area, scaled-to-fit, 1:1, or selected scale. Uses standard Windows print drivers.

Application Links - Call with filename. Advanced DDE-links.

Redline Functions - Draw lines, circles, arcs, boxes, filled areas, transparent comments, text, post-it notes. 256 comment layers, 12 colors. Comment log includes signature, time, and date. User Profile setup with privileges and limitations for each commentator. Comments may be printed with drawing, document, and picture. Comments can be imported into other applications by exporting the comments to AutoCAD DXF format.

Link Functions - Links several different documents together for viewing. Access next file by clicking a button placed anywhere on a document/drawing/picture; return the same way. Use commenting tools for editing. Links may be printed with drawing, document, and picture.

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VB-Edit is an advanced interactive raster/vector editor and raster-to-vector conversion module. VB-Edit provides CAD functionality on raster images. Among the advanced functions are calibration, warping, cropping, de-skewing, erasing and filtering functions such as de-speckling, hole-filling, thickening, thinning, etc., on the whole image or selected area (regular or irregular). VB-Edit includes an object recognition engine that automatically recognizes selected lines, arcs, circles and hatch patterns. The raster tracing tool provides line following for semi-automatic raster to vector conversion. VB-Edit offers rubbersheeting, search-and-replace of raster objects, automatic vector correction, save and load vectors, and more.

Using the editing tools you can modify or draw lines, arcs, circles, polypoints, polylines, texts, shapes, blocks, line styles (dashed, dot-dashed, etc.) and arrowheads. Text can be added and rotated to any angle using a wide range of fonts. The block-editing function can be used to cut-and-paste irregular shapes to and from the multi-page clipbook, which can be saved and recalled from disc. The VB-Edit module can import scaled vector files in DXF, DXB or VCT format into the drawing and rasterize them - ideal for updating objects, drawing frames and title blocks.

VB-Edit Specifications:

Image Process Functions - Whole-image or selective (irregular) crop, rotate, de-skew, de-speckle, hole-filling, erase, fill, thickening, thinning, smoothing, line separation, contouring, shape enhancing, etc.

Image Edit Functions - Visual drawing functionality Draw line, ortho-line, circle, arc and box. Supports AutoCAD shapes and fonts, True Type fonts, single-pixel draw/erase. Grouping and ungrouping of vector objects. Object recognition engine for recognition of lines, arcs, circles & polylines. Converts selected vector objects to raster.

Cut and Paste Functions - Up to 9 rectangular or irregular areas to a 9-page "Clipbook". The contents of the clipbook may be saved to disk and restored.

Vector Import Formats - Vector file in DXF, DXB, VC4 (RxVectory) format and Anvil 1000 (DRW). Scaleable in x and y, plus rotation.

Vector Save Format - VC4 Vectory format with AutoCAD import utility.

Vector Export Formats - DXF (V.10/V.11), DXB(real/integer), DWG (AutoCAD R10, R11, R12, R13) PIC, ASC CADdy file format

Image Process Functions - Multi-point calibration (rubbersheeting). Warping of a selected raster area. Change DPI value, of raster image. Search and replace of raster objects. Batch filtration.

Image Edit Functions - Both visual and parametric drawing functionality. Tracing engine for recognition of hatches and does line following. Converts selected vector objects to raster. Automatic vector correction of selected vectors. User defined coordinate system. Grid and snap to grid.

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VB-Convert is a vector recognition software program that automatically converts scanned raster images - drawings, drafts, charts, etc. - into vector images. VB-Convert enables you to work with old paper drawings in programs such as AutoCAD, Microstation, CADdy, 3D Studio, Corel Draw, and others which support the DXF (vector) file format. VB-Convert allows you to "translate" old paper drawings and maps that have been scanned into your computer as raster images, into vector data that can easily be loaded into CAD, desktop publishing and multimedia systems.

VB-Convert Specifications:

Image Processing - Speckle and hole removal, pixel editing and binary filters enhancing a user selected area or the whole image.

Set-Up Functions - Work area, mask area, text area, line-thickness to layer/color.

Objects Recognized - Lines arcs, orthogonal lines circles, linear and arc dimensional objects, line styles, solid areas as outlines and complex curves as polylines.

Recognition Options - Speckle size, gap-jump length, snap to orthogonal, polyline fit , largest/smallest object.

Display Modes - Display results during processing on top of original; display results only; partial processing to different area parameters; save to batch file for subsequent processing.

Vector Editing Functions - Draw/erase/edit line , arc, circle , polypoint., polyline, block, Parametric editing. Create and edit text. Paste and edit library shapes (supports AutoCAD libraries).

Coordinate System - 3 World Coordinate Systems (dots, mm and inches) User Coordinate System (user defined).

VB-Edit & VB-Convert Common Specifications:

Raster Input/Output Formats - RLC (Run Length Encoded), TIFF - uncompressed, CCITT G3 & G4 CALS (CAL GP4 MIL) NIFF (US Navy TIFF variant) C4 (US Navy CALS variant) PCX - Z-Soft monochrome BMP - Windows bitmap.

Output Formats - DXF import/export file format (AutoCAD V.10/V.11) DXB AutoCAD file format (real/integer) DWG (readable by AutoCAD release 10, 11 .12, 13) PIC, ASC CADdy file formatVC4 Vectory format with AutoCAD import utility.

System Requirements - Pentium microprocessor, parallel port, MS-compatible mouse, minimum of 32 MB memory, minimum 2 MB free disk space. MS Windows 95, or NT.

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Microsoft Windows, Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 & XP are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. AutoCAD is a registered trademark of Autodesk Inc. VisualBASE, Imaging is a registered trademark of Wang Laboratories. VB-View, VB-Edit, and VB-Convert are trademarks of Paradigm Imaging Group All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.