Loading a Documents

Insert the document with the surface to be scanned face downward into the scanner until the top edge of the document contacts the feed rollers.


Loading a Thin document

  1. Ensure that the thin document support wires is installed. See Assembly.
  2. Move the document guides to the left and right until they are adjusted to the document width
  3. Place the document between the document guides and the insert the document into the gap between the top cover and the document scanning table. Make sure that it is straight.
  4. When the preset delay time specified in the driver software has elapsed the rollers start turning to automatically feed the document to the position to start scanning. The document is now loaded.
  5. After the document has been loaded move the document guide s back to the position where the "document edge" dotted line can be seen.


Reloading a Document

If you want to reload the document, press the [REVERSE] key to eject the document in the front. Reload the ejected document.
When the document has been loaded, the [PAPER] LED lights up.