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This is an ideal RIP solution for growing production environments. The simple and logical UI will have first-time users printing in no time, with the freedom to grow to other PhotoPRINT Family packages as their business expands.




The complete SCAN, PRINT and COPY Solution that integrates scanners and printers together providing a flexible and fully integrated solution to carry-out large format scanning, copying and printing needs in just a few clicks!




EasyScan is a productive, easy-to-use scan-to-file and scan-to-email software. It features precision scanning with robust automated scanning modes for color, grayscale and black & white supporting all major industry standard file formats. It's a complete feature rich scanning solution designed for all scanning professionals.

Daylight RIP



A modern RIP software solution with job management and production tools designed to produce precision image quality with superb color accuracy, delivering maximum output and increased productivity. Daylight RIP is created to seamlessly work in any printing environment, from CAD, to professional graphic arts, and signage applications.




Reprocontrol is a powerful workflow management solution that is designed to adapt and respond to modern and sophisticated large format printing environments. With an array of dynamic operator controls, such as automated print settings, synchronized cost management, to remote configurations and file submission, it streamlines and optimizes your workflow to a more efficient and productive environment.



imageSTAR Documing Imaging Solution

Paradigm Imaging’s exclusive imageSTAR Software Suite combines two robust software packages - Paradigm’s own VB INDEX and Seiko’s Teriostar Software. imageSTAR is included with the purchase of all Seiko LP1020 LED plotters and multifunction copiers sold by Paradigm Imaging Group.



imageFLOW Document Imaging Software

Version 2.0 NOW AVAILABLE!  Powerful yet easy to use, imageFLOW™ is the state-of-the-art document imaging software that features robust scan, copy and print functions.  It is touch screen compatible and supports all current Graphtec scanners.  imageFLOW™ is also powered by a powerful RIP engine that supports over 550 printers providing 325 ICC profiles, profile editing software and job management tools that offer flexibility and control.

Scan Master PRO Color



Enhanced with various editing functions, Scanning Master Pro Color features a comprehensive set of correction functions, color/text/selected range editing functions, and data management functions that facilitate information sharing. This versatile software is used with GIS and CALS/EC editing applications.

 VisualBASE EDM, Large Format Scanners, Vidar/Contex, Vidar, Action-Imaing. Document management Solutions.

Windows based document management solution that provides an easy to use, secure environment to store, locate, and manage engineering documents. Through integrated state-of-the-art components, VisualBASE EDM delivers powerful services for viewing, redlining, printing, editing, and converting a wide range of industry standard formats.

 VB-Index, Large Format Scanners, Vidar/Contex, Vidar, Action-Imaing. Document management Solutions.

VB-INDEX makes capturing index data from scanned engineering drawings a snap! The easy to use interface automatically displays the drawing title block so drawing information can be entered into the data input window. Since VB-INDEX is a multi-user system, large amounts of data can be captured quickly from multiple workstations.

 VB-Clean, Large Format Scanners, Vidar/Contex, Vidar, Action-Imaing. Document management Solutions.

VB-Clean is a high speed black and white image processor designed for production scanning applications. VB-Clean can batch process A - J size documents where deskew, crop, despeckle, or rotation functions need to be performed simultaneously. VB-Clean also includes advanced features for more specialized image processing requirements.



The Onyx Graphics software suite serves a broad range of digital production devices with high quality output. Our universal RIPs (such as PosterShop, ProductionHouse, and RIPCenter) provide unequalled printer support to more than 100 popular printer models. If you have a small, large, or grand format printer or even a photo imager, chances are we support it.

 GTX, Large Format Scanners, Vidar/Contex, Vidar, Action-Imaing. Document management Solutions.

The GTXRaster CAD Series is a unique, cost-effective solution for bringing legacy paper drawings into a modern AutoCAD environment. Modify and enhance scanned raster archives with the speed and flexibility of both raster and vector editing techniques within your AutoCAD environment.